"Let the world tremble at the might of the Overlord of Gataxia!"

-Jan Khan

The Adventures of the ETH-MEN is a Sci-Fi and Fantasy NFT comic developed published by The ETH-MEN Official. It was released on December 30, 2020 on the Ethereum blockchain market.

It follows the story of intergalactic characters called ETH-MEN during the invasion of Planet Eth by the Gataxian Warlord, Lord Zieg. Each of the ETH-MEN have unique powers, personalities, and backstories that lead them to Planet Eth where they either fight against Lord Zieg or aid him in his conquest. The first batch of characters were released as digital action figures alongside the comics, with many more ETH-MEN planned out in the future.



In the year 40XX, humanity has explored a large expanse of space using Chronostops, ancient alien gateways which allowed them to travel lightyears by accelerating relative time. They called much of the explored area as the Six Galaxies, where they have settled and formed intergalactic relations with other alien lifeforms.

The IntranArk Trading Federation funded the development of Planet Eth when they discovered Koronium Red Crystal in the planet's core. These crystals hold immense energies that could power entire systems for millions of years. They hoped to hold a monopoly on the intergalactic trade. The news of Koronium later reached the ears of Lord Zieg, a powerful Ghurkian warlord from Planet Ur. He wanted the Koronium crystals for himself to help fuel his conquest for the Six Galaxies.

During the Invasion, several ETH-MEN saw the invasion of Planet Eth as an opportunity to show their skills, prove their loyalties, acquire riches, or tie up loose ends. Now the battle for Planet Eth rages as these ETH-MEN unleash their powers on one another to determine the fate of the Six Galaxies.

Released Issues

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